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Travels with diana, in which he reveals fascinating behindthescenes details of what it was like to work for and travel with the princess. An intimate account by her private secretary by patrick jephson, diana by sarah bradford. Some of these experiences are recalled in his book portraits of a princess. He has now written a new introduction to the book ahead of the 20th anniversary of diana s death in august. Princess deeply regretted discussing affairs, secretary reveals patrick jephson said the princess began to question if she should have taken part in the. Patrick jephson was diana s closest aide and adviser during her years of greatest public fame and deepest personal crisis. A devastating portrait of a wilful and manipulative princess diana emerged yesterday from extracts of a book written by her former private secretary, patrick jephson, printed in the sunday times. Reputation management expert patrick jephson on working with. Although i had previously read of her erratic mood changes from one minute to the next, i dont think i was prepared for this.

Jephson has released a new edition of his book, shadows of a princess and speaks about his service to princess diana, life within the royal. He combines his text with photos by awardwinning royal. Patrick jephsons description of the character and actions of the late diana, princess of wales, acts as the most awful cautionary tale never, ever, to judge a person solely by either their physical beauty or their public persona. Jephson wrote a book about his service for the princess credit. He also managed the princess relations with a wide range of. Rooted in unique firsthand experience, shadows of a princess is an authoritative, balanced account of one of the. Although he isnt the one releasing the videotapes, patrick jephson, who served for six years as her first and only private secretary, has just released a new book, portraits of a princess.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As the former private secretary of the late princess of wales, it would be nice to think that he didnt publish shadows of a princess just for the money. The last time i spoke to princess diana was 21 years ago, and we were both having a pretty awful day. According to jephson, the books purpose is to remind readers of the brilliance. Patrick jephson urges harry and meghan to give up their. Please stop riding on the coattails of the dutiful family you abandoned, says princess diana s former private secretary patrick jephson as he urges harry and meghan to give up their celebrity lives. A book written by the late princess diana s equerry and then private secretary from 1987 through 1995, patrick jephson had pretty much seen it all. The dramatic public life of diana, princess of wales was ena. Patrick jephsons description of the character and actions of the late diana, princess of wales. Jephson s motivation for writing this book was, especially since he had to breach a signed confidentialty oath to get it into print. Diana s mood swings and manipulation of those around her and of the members of the press, and also her genuine caring and affection for those less fortunate that she would encounter in many of her. For example, after dianas death, his office facilitated the release of the book charles.

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