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A forwarder channel allows you to access your usb loader from the wii menu. Sdhc and usb hdd device support the gui is completely based on the awesome libwiigui by tantric configurable background music theme downloader widescreen. Download the newest version of configurable usb loader from the project page look under. The guide includes installation, themes, configuration, backup loading and more. Instructions for hacking your wii from scratch, including installing usb loader gx, are located on the page. Thread dedicated to forwarder channels forwards for the original wii, do not install on wii mode of the wii u. Each entry will be given with the definition from readmecfg. I want to update my version of cfg usb loader to 70r78 but the website formerly containing the. Install the forwarder channel with wad manager or mmm.

Nintendo usb loader gx or simpley wii usb loader download. To make things easier, you can download the one i use. Aug 17, 2012 this tutorial shows you how to install the configurable usb loader. This loader is made by hermes himself and is stable and packed with features. Download for the lastest version of cfg usb loader. Supports release games on dvd and now from an external usb reader. Our filtering technology ensures that only latest install usb loader. Yes yes yes unknown no yes yes lopst mod hdd timeout yes unknown yes unknown yes yes yes other usb devices. Write the paths for each forwarder and if it works with ntfs drives also credit to who ever made the channel or the art you used. Various loaders you can use to load other wii homebrew, wii official discs, wii channels, and other such things.

To make things easier, you can download the one i use if you have any other trouble downloading configurable usb loader v 60 wad post it in comments and our support team or a community member will help you. Attach i had some spare time and i know some people prefer cfg usb loader of the others so i made this install able forwarder to the wii u. Usb loader gx is a configurable usb loader client based on libwiigui, giving it a slick, clean, powerful, and very usable graphical interface. This is not a help thread on how to create forwarders. Sign in to your account or register for a free account. Installation getting files right i am going to list a number of files that you will need so you can download them now and that step is out of the way.

This question has been asked before and already has an answer. Sd kaart van minimaal 2 gb fat32 usb apparaat wfbsgeformateerd. If you get an ios249 is a stub message, then redo the meta. This is intended to help you learn how to use it, by giving you a quick start. Como instalar cfg usb configurable usb loader youtube. Configurable usb loader has an enormous amount of features, and loads games from usb, sd, and dvd. If you run into any errors make sure the usb drive is on the bottommost usb port. The forwarder is unimportant as it just loads the usb loader version installed on the sd card as homebrew. Usbloadergx usbloadergx is a gui for waninkokos usb loader, based on libwiigui. You can also install a channel forwarder to start the loader directly from the. Usbloadergx is a gui for waninkokos usb loader, based on libwiigui. Contribute to nfx28usbloadercfgforwarder development by creating an account on github. To download the latest version usb loader gx click on one of the following links provided updated 2019 usbloadergx2. Loadstructor easy wii sd usb loader channel constructor v1.

Download install usb loader gx channel wad free shared files from downloadjoy and other worlds most popular shared hosts. Configurable usb loader free knowledge base the duck. Insert your usb drive, and sd card if youre using one, into your wii and launch usb loader gx from the homebrew channel. Compatible with rock band and others using usb peripherals. Make sure the sd card and usb drive are inserted into the wii. Wii iso usb loader channel used to be compatible only with wbfs wii backup file system, but now it works with normal ntsc formated external hdd to load wad usb.

Hi guys, wanted to make some updates to my wii, as i hadnt tried loading gamecube games from usb before. Cfg is updated quite often and is thought of by many as the most reliable usb loader for wii. To install channel, open homebrew channel and run 1. Thats why they are so old as nothing really needs to change with the forwarder just make sure you have the latest usb loader gx from source forge. The advantage of this is that it makes it simple to upgrade your usb loader without ever having to mess with the forwarder channel, since you can just swap the boot. By installing a forwarder channel for configurable usb loader, you will be able to access the channel directly from the wii menu without going through hbc. Please use configurable usb loader forwarder instead. I can now see the forward channel on the wii main menu but when i click it nothing happens, it doesnt start the configurable usb loader, it just loops back to the wii main menu. Contribute to nfx28usbloadercfg forwarder development by creating an account on github. Backup loader,download, free,homebrew,iso,iso loader,usb,waninkoko,wii configurable usb loader 1. In memory of ben bushing byer, who passed away on monday, february 8th, 2016. Did you know you can remove the sd card while playing. It allows listing and launching wii games, gamecube games and homebrew on wii and wiiu vwii mode.

Since i am a nobody, feel free to ignore me completely, but in my. Start the homebrew channel and run configurable usb loader. A usb forwarder channel looks in specific directories for an installed usb loader and tries to run it. This application allows you to create game channels for your wii to boot games via usb mass storage device. Updated forwarder for usb loader gx for priiloader autoboot. This tutorial shows you how to install the configurable usb loader. Download configurable usb loader usb loader settings and config files saved to usb hard drive this software is not for sale if you paid. If trying to boot an app from an ntfs hard drive but the app doesnt support ntfs results will vary. When i launch any config usb loader forwarder wad, my wii u crashes. Install homebrew channel on wii and play backup iso files or downloaded torrents from external hard drive or usb flash drive.

You need to add these files to a sd card or to the hdd using a fat32 partition. Remember this one is not a forwarder and its the actual boot. With the official configurator, it is possible to alter the look of your loader in nearly every way imaginable. Download cfg usb loader hard drive software configurable. The forwarder will always load the latest version of cfg loader which is stored on your sd card or usb fat. Channel forwarder wont work for latest usb loader gx loads different version than if loaded through hbc help. This page provides a list of all configurable usb loader s options with notes about how to use them. By installing this usb loader youre able to load gamez from a usb drive. Channel forwarder wont work for latest usb loader gx loads. Insert or make sure its already inserted a game in the dvd slot.

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